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Driving Lessons Pakenham

Our caring, experienced instructors offer driving lessons Pakenham students can use to build safe roadmanship. We have complete programs or single sessions to students of all ability levels. Our local teachers regularly coach people on all aspects of safe driving- from vehicle control to hazards perception, parking, managing traffic and pointers to enhance road mastery and safety.

Learn to Drive in Pakenham on VicRoads Test Route

Learn how to drive and understand the nuances of the licence exam route used by VicRoads. There are techniques which testers are trained to spot- and we’ll teach you all of them. Take advantage of our experience delivering driving lessons in Pakenham. You’ll get specific lessons which relate to the driver licence testing course as used by Vicroads, so that you’re familiar with the route before your test. This will boost your confidence as a driver, and take away any uncertainty or apprehension.

Contact us to move forward. Our Pakenham driving lessons are available mid week and on weekends. Learn during the day, in the evenings so you have experience with night driving and associated visibility hazards. This link to an article by Vic Roads, explains how new drivers are more likely to have an accident at night. Evening or night driving lessons should be an essential part of your learn to drive program. Train as a learner driver during fine weather and rainy conditions, so you become familiar with driving in the rain and managing all types of weather.

We don’t just teach you how to drive on quiet back streets and secondary roads. As your confidence increases, we’ll move to busier, primary roads- including the Princes Highway, Pakenham- the KooWeeRup Rd, as well as Army Road and the Monash Freeway so you can manage high speed merging and lane changing. Learn to navigate and manage a vehicle on winding back roads. A driving school in Pakenham is the ideal place to build your skills.

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Our Graduates Say

“I had doubts in my mind, and I wasn’t sure if I could pass the test or not. Until, these guys came along, and I started to feel confident. I knew driving, but they gave so much valuable insights that ultimately helped me in earning a driving license “

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“I was planning to buy a new car for a long time. It was getting difficult for me to get to the office every day by using different forms of transportation. I knew I had to get a driving license first and this is where D & S Driving School stepped in. They are exceptionally affordable, and to be honest, it was a really fun learning experience. “

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“Well, these guys were just great! A friend of mine highly recommended D & S Driving School and for once in his life, he was right! They are indeed highly professional and friendly. The instructor Dilhan was so friendly, and he went through all the training processes with sheer patience. I would definitely recommend them to anyone out there. “

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